RS51K54F02A Side By Side with Auto Water & Ice Dispenser, 510 L

With the new RS554, it’s what you don’t see that helps bring refined beauty into your home. Recessed handles and hidden hinges provide a touch of elegant minimalism that complements any modern decor. There’s still plenty for the eye to admire, from the sophisticated pattern design (available in Shiny River White or EZ Clean Steel) to the blue LED display.

The RS554 uses two separate air flows and precise temperature control to maintain optimal humidity levels on both the refrigerator and freezer sides. This Twin Cooling System™ helps keep your apples fresh, prevents your ice cream from getting freezer burn, and stops ice cubes from smelling like the garlic bread you’ve stored in the refrigerator. The innovative Digital Inverter Compressor saves energy. Nine sensors track variables such as internal and external temperature and humidity levels, along with your usage patterns. This enables the Digital Inverter Compressor to optimise settings for consistent cooling without having to constantly stop and restart. As a result, it uses 24% less energy than conventional compressors. Multi Flow works on every level—with small vents over each shelf—to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator, especially after you open the door. By cooling every section of every compartment at the same time, it helps your foods stay fresher longer.

You no longer have to empty out the fridge or freezer during a routine defrosting, because there is no more routine defrosting. Samsung’s No Frost feature ensures even cooling to eliminate frost and icy build-ups. Now you can keep all your perishables fresh and nutritious, and have more time for other chores or fun activities. What’s more, by maintaining an even temperature, No Frost puts less demands on energy needs, which increases the durability of the cooling system.


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  • Net Total(Liter): 510 
  • Net for Freezer(Liter): 177 
  • Net for Fridge(Liter): 333 

Physical Specification

  • Net Width(mm) 912 
  • Net Case Height with Hinge(mm): 1,789 
  • Net Case Height without Hinge(mm): 1,789 
  • Net Depth with Door Handle(mm): 700 
  • Net Depth without Door Handle(mm): 700 
  • Net Depth without Door(mm): 612 
  • Packing Width(mm): 974 
  • Packing Height(mm): 1,914 
  • Packing Depth(mm): 776 
  • Net Weight(kg): 122 
  • Packing Weight(kg): 130 
  • 20/40/40H (Container): 18 / 36 / 36

Cooling Feature

  • No Frost: Yes
  • Multi Flow: Yes
  • Cooling Type: Twin Cooling

Refrigerator Feature

  • CoolSelect Zone™: Yes
  • Number of Shelf (Total): 5 EA
  • Number of Shelf (Foldable): 1 EA
  • Dairy Compartment: No
  • Wine Rack: Yes
  • Number of Door Pocket: 4 EA
  • Egg Container(Egg Tray): Yes
  • Fresh room: Yes
  • Interior LED Light: Top LED
  • Shelf Material: Tempered Glass
  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer: 2 EA


Freezer Feature

  • Number of Shelf (Total): 5 EA
  • Number of Door Pocket: 2 EA
  • Icemaker: Indoor Icemaker
  • Interior LED Light: Top LED
  • Number of Drawer: 2 EA
  • Door Alarm: Yes
  • Refrigeran:t R-600a
  • Compressor Digital Inverter: Compressor

Exterior Feature

  • Dispenser with Water Filter: Yes
  • Display Type: Touch LED
  • Door Handle: Recessed
  • Color: Black Glass


  • Energy Grade A+


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